The Number 1# Ranked Fort Laudedale Hurricanes make a National Statement

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August 11,2016

The stage was set on the blue turf under the lights at Parish Episcopal school in Dallas, Tx. Youth footballs National Game of the week would be played in the scorching Texas heat with 105 degree temperatures. The Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes traveling from Broward County representing the Fyfl, to take on the Yellow Jackets United of Dallas, Texas. Yellow Jackets came into this national top 5 match up haven’t lost in over 5 years. The Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes formerly Ppo Bengals 12u came into this game with their eyes on being the undisputed 1# ranked team in the Nation. Not to be outdone,  Texas bred trio Preston Stone, Camar Wheaton, Dontrey Carruth  are the Yellow Jackets United prime-time players. The Canes are lead by on offense by Amari Daniels, Vinson Davis, Nick Vattiato ,Robert "Man Man" Floyd & Jaden McBurrows. Florida vs. Texas is always debated as the top two football states, now the clash of the two states will happen on the youth level. Who will reign supreme in this 1# vs. 3# match up? 

Things would get under way when the Yellow Jackets elect to defer to the 2nd half. Canes would start things out on their own 35 yard line, where Quarterback Nick Vattiato would complete a spot pass to Vinson Davis for 5 yards. Coach Chris would then proceed to establish his running game with 3 consecutive Amari Daniels runs for a 1st down. 1 st & 10 from the Yellow Jackets 45 yard line the Canes Nic Vattiato goes deep to the speedster who can’t be covered Vinson Davis for a 45 yard Touchdown pass. With the Canes up 7-0, Yellow Jackets United led by Qb Preston Stone looked to tie things up. Playmaker Dontrey Carruth itching to leave his mark on the game would make to back to back catches, but the Canes defense would swarm containing him for short gains. The Yellow Jackets offense was held in check by the Canes defense which is led by their massive Defensive Line.  Laurence Seymour, Corey Clark, Tyrek Owens, Tyreek Sapp was instrumental in pressuring and sacking Preston Stone. While the Yellow Jackets offense was staggering the Canes were clicking. Coach Grubbs made the big mistake of not punting in his own territory putting his team down by the score of 15-0 after a Robert Floyd 11 yard touchdown run.. With everything going the Canes way including a muffed punt that the Canes recovered, Amari Daniels would take the hand-off straight up the middle for a 14 yard touchdown run. This Nationally ranked match up quickly became a mismatch with The Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes up convincingly 21-0 over the Yellow Jackets in the first half.

Camar Wheaton the talented highly ranked class of 2021 prospect for the Yellow Jackets was held in check by the Canes fast & physical defense. Canes Linebacker 26# Thiery Leflour flashed all night making play after play and tackle after tackle this kid played with an edge. The Number 1# Ranked Canes are led by Nick Vattiato a prolific passer with tones of weapons at his disposal, but you could say he had somewhat of a quiet night after the big touchdown pass. With Amari Daniels as your featured back Nick pretty much knows Coach Chris goes with the hot hand, and Amari was that rushing for over a 100 yards with 2 touchdowns. One of the highlights of the night was Amari  getting his jersey ripped and having to sport the number 36# and taking a hand-off around the right side and turning on the burners  for a 43 yard touchdown run. Also contributing to the Canes offensive outburst was Jaden McBurrows who had 5 carries to the tune of 48 yards rushing.  

Even in the face of defeat the Yellow Jackets QB Preston Stone showed off what makes him special, which is the ability to improvise. Preston was under pressure scrambled around and launched a deep pass to a wide open Jeremy Bailey for a touchdown, but it was called back on an illegal man down field penalty. Stunned and shocked the Yellow Jackets would be held scoreless as Canes Qb Nick Vattiato would find Kolby Spells on a wide receiver screen to put the game away. The rest of the nation is probably wondering after the Canes 39-0 win over the Yellow Jackets United, are the Canes that good? One thing is for sure the Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes showed the country they’re the number 1# ranked 13/14u without a doubt. One thing that gets lost in watching this super talented loaded Hurricanes team is the Coaching. Former Nfl player & Westminster Head Coach Earl Little along with the rest of the Canes defensive staff is doing a phenomenal job of teaching that defensive unit serving up a donut. Coach Chris with his dynamic offense and plethora of weapons is well balanced every team they match up with will have to pick their poison. With the season just beginning look out for the Canes to have the bulls eye on their back, will they continue to be the hunter or is there some team out there good enough to make them their prey.

Check out the Hightlights from this Nationally ranked Match up

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Comment by Eren East on August 15, 2016 at 3:23pm

Cant take that away from um, they looked great. 




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