SUPERBOWL REMATCH - Mighty Mite Alabama vs. Locust Grove Falcons

By: Jennifer Coe | @GenNexxt_Jenni


(McDonough, GA) The Super Bowl is the most anticipated and sought-after game in all of football. With much discipline, focus, endurance and hard work, two teams fight for a chance to take to the field for a final opportunity to go for it all – not only bragging rights for the next year, but ultimately – the Championship Title. This final face-off between Mighty Mite Alabama and the Locust Grove Falcons would be all but predictable and those within the North Henry County Youth Football League would take front row in this crucial rematch.


Coach Sanders of Alabama and Coach Leddon of the Falcons are head of their respected teams and meet once again in this year’s Superbowl. In last week’s semi-finals, Alabama proved why they deserved their #1 ranking, solidifying a spot in the championship game after a win over the Tar Heels, 27-7. It was the Falcons who pulled out a surprising defeat against Georgia, knocking the #2 seed out of the final spot, 20-19.


The Falcons would be taking on the division’s #1 team with a flawless record. The Mighty Mite Alabama remains undefeated after an impressive 8-0 standing this season; what’s even more remarkable is their ability to win every game they’ve played in the last 3 three years --- talk about a winning streak. If the Falcons are to be any match for this extraordinary team, they will need to come with a sharper offense and more solid formations on defense. Ranked third in the Mighty Mite Division, the Falcons loss to Alabama twice in regular season, and once in last year’s SuperBowl. Would this be their day of redemption?


In the same respect, the Locust Grove Falcons are not to be taken likely. Coach Evans of Mighty Mite Alabama did not believe this would be an easy win for his boys. “They are a good team and well coached, so we will have our work cut out for us.” He went on the express how his team has prepared for this game and their plan of action. “Our kids are up for the challenge and they have been practicing hard. The rest of the coaching staff is doing a great job at making sure we have the kids in the best position to succeed. If we execute on offense and stop them on defense, we can get off a big lead. “


Saturday morning was finally here and it was LIGHT, CAMERA, ACTION at Avalon Park. Both teams pulled up in front of Field 1 and stepped out of stretch limousines, looking and feeling like superstars. Today was the day these ‘Mighty Mites’ have worked all season for and the next 60 minutes would determine who really wanted to be crowned Henry County’s Next Superbowl Champ.


The Locust Grove Falcons took first possession of the ball but were no match for Alabama defense out the gate. No matter the play, the Falcons struggled to penetrate and break through Alabama’s defense, granting Alabama a 1st down and possession after their 4th attempt. #32 Macklin Sanders scored Alabama’s first touchdown, and the conversion gave them a 7-0 lead, just before the end of the quarter.


Although Alabama’s offense seemed to run like a well-oiled machine, penalties would set-back the team’s ability to execute in the 2nd quarter. #22 Angelo Johnson’s first down would give Alabama a great start, but a mighty tackle by #90 Tyson Todd and an off sides penalty would slow down the momentum of the planned offensive attack. #21 Fenix Felton’s run into the end zone was called back due to a flag for improper blocking on offense. This resulted in a 10-yard penalty, followed by a first down by #22 Johnson, called back for offensive holding.


Alabama recovered quickly after a vast amount of critical and unflattering calls by the officials. #21 Fenix Felton made a major 1st down to get his team back on solid ground, moving the chains down to the 15-yard line. #22 Angelo Johnson was tackled on 3rd down, but the adrenaline pumped strong in Alabama’s veins. #21 Felton broke free of the defensive formation and ran outside for the end zone, and tackled at the 1-yard line only to be called back for an offensive holding penalty. A handoff to #22 Johnson in the next play would secure a second touchdown for Alabama, for a 14-0 lead at halftime.


The 2nd half was all about a clean offensive performance showcased by Alabama. One of the biggest plays of the game included #22 Johnson’s 37-yard run, up, down and around Falcons defense, stopped 1 yard shy of the end zone, after a plethora of tackle attempts by the Falcons. #32 Macklin Sanders’ touchdown in the following play and extra point heightened the lead yet again, 21-0.


In the final play of the game, #22 Davin Miller found a clear path on the right side and ran 45 yards for a touchdown, giving the Falcons some points of their own. Although, the Falcons hustled to adjust and get back in the game, it would not be enough to secure the win.


In the end, Alabama reigns as Mighty Mite Division Champion of the North Henry County Youth Football League.


Final Score: Alabama 21, Falcons 6

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