Give your opinion on the Top Ten Prospect going to High School. From one to ten and the reason there that special. Remember its your opinion its not a fact. Name the Players u think will have a Impact on the High School level now and in the future. Give Team,Number,Position and what separates them from the rest.

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Comment by BROADSTREET BULLY AKA Dee. Green on January 9, 2011 at 8:12pm
Coach Carter never been Bias. I named Players I've seen Play or video on. Or they name been ringing. That takes nothing away from that player. Just prolly haven't seen him play. Thanks for putting up on him. I will be sure to see what he does at the Next Level since he's going to my Alma Mater. My list was just my opinion, I know some players I've picked may not make someone elses list. But I guarantee 9 out of 10 they all will be stars. Cause there players who I've seen more than once and they are Elite Players. But no disrespect to anyone. There welcome to make there own list and put me up on players I haven't seen that are difference makers on there Team and will be at the Next Level.
Comment by Coach Carter on January 9, 2011 at 1:39am
i think u bias about ur list loaded with pop warner kids. ( mike #1 from bunche park 175lbs should have been on that list he plays qb/wr/de/lb/s his size alone is college material as a wr and s at 6'3 185lbs. before the season i witness a highschool head coach tell him if leave optimist he will be a 3 year starter at his school. now imagine when he get on the weights he has the frame to add 30 or more lbs. he is at central with dalvin right now so watch out
Comment by BROADSTREET BULLY AKA Dee. Green on January 8, 2011 at 5:52pm

1.Treon Harris 5# Overtown Midgets QB,WR,RT.Specialist. We call him the X-Factor cause he's equally Dangerous Running or Passing the ball. He reminds me of Tyron Taylor yet more dangerous when he tucks the ball and run. He is a Field General and Game Changer. He's my number One cause of his Position and he fits into so many Offensive Schemes run in High School.

2.Tim Irvin 2.#RB Richmond Giants Midgets. Game Breaker in every since of the word Dominated on the Midget level at the age of 13 and continued that even coming up short on the dream of being a 3 time National Champ ! It wasn't because of him not giving his all. This kid is a star is the making with a rare blind of speed and power and flare for the spotlight and big games. He will make a immediate Impact in High School cause he's just that special.

3.Dalvin Cook 1.#RB Miami Gardens Vikings 165's-They call him BionicMan Well he is a beast and been a Youth Football Legend since his days of dominating at Miami Gardens Chargers 125's. Dalvin displays great vision and  patience for his age and is so Expolsive for his size and can take it 2 the house from anywhere on the field. Only thing in my opinion that kept him from being 1 or 2 on my list was that he wasn't a starter on last yrs.165 team. He two is High School ready Great Back !

4.Jaquan Johnson 4.# RB/LB Richmond Giants Midgets This Kid has a future on either side of the ball A Punishing MLB And Leader great tackler and has a nose for the ball. On Offense he's Bruiser with Break away speed and will wear a team down and putt'em away. The Thunder in Richmonds Duo who won Back 2 Back National Championships. Another Big Time Player who shows up in the Big Game.

5.Frank Labardy 1#RB/LB/S Tacolcy MIdgets This Kid has prolly the most Potential 2 be a star in High School. Frank has always been a stud on both sides of the ball and The Man on every team he played on.Due to being on bad teams and lack of Coaching. This kids relays on Raw Talent One of the biggest Hitters in Youth Football and a Unmatched First step. He fears none and makes u remember his name if u ever see him play.He has the Potential 2 be one of Dade County's best RB With track speed and expolsiveness this kid can take it 90 yards on punish u with his aggressive running style. He's a Primetime Player.

6.Jarel Holmes 10# ATHLETE West Kendall Dolphins 175's Everytime I've watched dis kid Run or Throw or intercept the ball. I said Wow this is a Primetime Player that makes plays all over the field. Interested in seeing what will he play in High School. Cause whatever it is he will Impact the game cause he has top end speed and a strong arm,Also a good DB. What a special kid.

7.Ty Robinson.55# OL/DL Overtown Rattlers Midgets Beastmode is his name.And if u ever seen Overtown Play he was the key 2 the whole defense . Argubly the strongest most unstoppable DT.He can beat u with his LB Speed or DT Power not even 2 guys could block him. And he has the nastiness 2 play in the trenches. Whoever gets this kid trust me u will hear about him.

8.Shaq Green 1.# ATHLETE Overtown Rattlers Midgets Due 2 injuries and a death of his Grandfather it took a while for Shaq 2 get in the groove. But when Shaq is a 100% he's Untameable with one of the strongest arms he can play QB. But what sets Him apart is he is a Expolsive RB And game changing WR with blazing speed and natural instincts and very elusive. Also game breaking returner rather itz a punt or kickoff return. Flipped 2 the other side of the ball and he's a Shutdown corner who isn't afraid 2 make a tackle. Yeah he's My Lil Brother so I know what he's capable of. He has unmatched athleticism no matter what position he plays he will make a immediate Impact on the Next Level. U never wear the No.1# Overtown 4 nothing.

9.Zayquan Tyson 1# WR Gwen Cherry Bulls Born WR Great Route Running for his age and some of the best hands you'll see. If thatz not enough sleep on that and he will beat u deep. This Kid has the size speed and Football IQ 2 compete at any school he chooses cause he's just that talented. I call him smooth cause thatz just what he is. My No.1# Receiving prospect. He's ready 4 the next level and can't be contained in one on one coverage.

10.Calvin Foster 4.# DB/WR He earned my respect over time. What a player. Talks a lot of trash but he backs most of it up. What a compeitor he is. He can play Bump and Run and has make up speed and great instincts for his age smart kid and he will hit u. Now on the flip side he is Wes Walker 2 his Offense. This kid just makes plays solid route runner and knack for making clutch catches. Hope he keeps getting better. Big Time Player !

Honorable Mention: Detron Hopkins 2# RB/WR Overtown Midgets,Shaquarry Wilson 9#LB Overtown Midgets,JoJo Robinson 3# RB Gwen Cherry Midgets,Kevin Ray 2# LB/DE Tacolcy, T.J Jefferson 51# LB Overtown. No disrespect 2 anyone these r just players I've had the privilage 2 see. 





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