What was the best divisions based on age groups in youth football in all of South Florida?

Now that the season is officially over, in your opinion who had the best divisions in football from 15 under to 8 and under in all of the competitive leagues (AYFL, Extreme, NYFL, Pop Warner and SFYFL)? In my opinion from all the leagues and games I've seen here is my list which I am sure will be debated (lol):

15-Under- Pop Warner 160's/Midgets (Overtown-Pop Warner National Champions, Richmond Giants, Gwen Cherry and Palmetto was a stiff competition all season. (Arguably the best division this year in all of South Florida and the country for that matter)

14-Under- SFYFL 135's- (2 time back to back undefeated Super Bowl Champions Miami Gardens Ravens, Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes, Nw Broward Raiders, Scott Lake Vikings and Lauderdale Lakes Vikings could have won any league.

13-Under-AYFL 135's-(PPO Bengals 135's AYFL Super Bowl Champions and NYFC National Champions and winner of AYFL vs Extreme Game, Plantation Wildcats, Pasadena Panthers, Davie Broncos, Coral Springs Chargers, Coconut Creek Eagles and a few more had a playoff where all 8 teams where above .500!)

12-Under-SFYFL 110's-(Deerfield Packer Rattlers SFYFL Super Bowl Champions & FLYAA Champs, Miami Gardens Cowboys (Bunche Park), Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes, Scott Lake Vikings and NW Broward Raiders played fast and physical football.

11-Under-AYFL 110's-(Weston Warriors back to back undefeated Super Bowl Champions & NYFC National Champions, West Pines Wildcats, PPO Bengals, Pasadena Panthers and Cooper City Cowboys all were strong teams who did well in scrimmages against other leagues.

10-Under-SFYFL 90's- (Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes Super Bowl Champs, MG Ravens and Scott Lake Vikings.

9-Under-AYFL 90's- (Cooper City Cowboys 90's Super Bowl Champs and Winner of AYFL vs Extreme Game, PPO Bengals, West Pines Wildcats were all strong teams that did very well against eventual Super Bowl Champions and Runner Ups from other leagues.

8-Under- SFYFL 70's-(Bunche Park Cowboys 70's back to back Super Bowl Champs and FLYAA Champs were the best 8 under team I saw from any league who nearly beat a 9 and under Super Bowl Champion Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes 80's team in a FLYAA game, Scott Lake Vikings and Deerfield Packer Rattlers could have won any league Super Bowl title.


In all the leagues, I have seen some great teams like 11 under Pop Warner National Runner Up's Super Bowl Champions Liberty City Jr Pw's and GMPW Super Bowl Champions Pw's from Pop Warner; Orange Bowl & Super Bowl Champions 12 under Kendall Hammocks Warriors 120's and 14 under South Miami Grey Ghosts 145's or Olinda Park Bulls 175's & Moore Park Generals 75's who were also Orange Bowl and Super Bowl Champions from NYFL but this is about overall competitiveness from a division so no slight to some great teams throughout South Florida.


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Comment by Steve Crawford on January 9, 2011 at 11:13pm
@Harry J. Frank, yeah, I told the Lake Stevens guys it was going to be tough to beat Lauderhill. The Lauderhill vs Weston game would be very fun to see because of the contrasting styles between the two teams. As far as my team goes, I believe we will have two or three special players coming to that team next year from what I've heard so hopefully will coach them up and get the job done when it counts which is the playoffs.
Comment by Harry J. Frank on January 9, 2011 at 11:09pm

@Steve.  It definitely would have been fun to watch.  I was a little disappointed when the Lauderhill and Weston game didn't go down.  It would have been a chance to see first hand, which 11 and under league was the most competitve.  Lake Stevens (Xtreme Champs) went up against Lauderhill and wasnt much of a contest 26-0.  But, I agree with you on PPO being the most talented team on the 110lb level in the AYFL--was shocked to find out that you all lost to West Pines.  You guys are just a player away from runnin through the league...

Comment by jon jon 45 on January 9, 2011 at 8:39pm

@Broadstreet Bully, Pop Warner Jr. Midgets (135lbs) is 12yrs old with 13yrs. older but lighter. 13 and under.

PW Peewees (120lbs) is 11yrs old with 12yrs. older but lighter. 12 and under, Liberty City, Coconut Grove, etc.

PW Jr. Peewees (105lbs) is 10yrs old with 11yrs older but lighter. 11 and under. Liberty City, Overtown, Northwest.

9 and under 90lbs Richmond, Tacolcy, Palmetto Bay.

8 and under 80lbs Gwen Cherry, Richmond

Comment by BROADSTREET BULLY AKA Dee. Green on January 9, 2011 at 8:03pm
I think Miami Pop Warner 13 and 14 yr. old Older But Lighters  Jr. Midgets with Florida City,Palmetto,Richmond,Gwen Cherry alsp Liberty City and Northwest Boys Club weren't push overs. Palmetto tied the National Champs Florida City, And Richmond defeated the National Champ Razorbacks. And Gwen Cherry came in the playoffs the no.1 seed and lost to a Richmond team they beat in the regular season. Also Florida City went on 2 avenge a lose and blew everyone away in the Playoffs. I think that strong competion prepared them for Nationals. Now there National Champs !
Comment by Steve Crawford on January 9, 2011 at 5:44pm

@Harry J. Frank, it would be fun to see for sure. I can say this much having coached the PPO 110's team that was probably the most talented team in the league but Weston plays such great discipline football which makes them very difficult to beat in a full game. Coach Dave Detmer and James Houston and the rest of them do a great job with those kids.


Lauderhill Lions and MG Ravens I know were very talented and well coached teams and would be very difficult to beat. Pompano if it is the same coaches who coached their 90 lb Super Bowl team last year is also well coached and would be tough to beat as well. Don't know Lauderdale Lakes team that well but they always compete so it would be fun. Glad to see you do your homework and not one of those guys who just want to talk crazy and not admit the truth though like wanting to seeing pounds play each other such as 110's from your league play 110's from AYFL when they know those are 7th graders playing against 6th graders. Especially that great Deerfield team who had to beat two very talented teams in Ft. Lauderdale and Bunche Park so it would be hard for any 12 under team to beat them let along a 11 under team. 

Comment by Harry J. Frank on January 9, 2011 at 5:21pm
@ Steve.   I come from the AYFL and am very familiar with the ages and the teams in that league.  Weston Warriors 110lb scrimmaged the Ravens 105lb team.  I agree with what you been sayin all year that those were the pounds that should play each other.   Although the AYFL, allow the kids to turn 12 during the season --it doesn't matter those kids are in the same grade.  If they were better at that time(Preseason), they PROBABLY were better at the end of the season as well.  On that 110lb AYFL division, I will admit the league was more competitive than it has been in previous years.  Ever since those kids played as Pee wees, except for when they were 90lb (because it was the two age groups combined--which would have been this years 110lb and 120lb combined) the same parks have been in the hunt PPO, Weston, West Pines, and Pasedena.  This year Cooper City grabbed a couple of kids from a SFYFL program and added themselves in the mix.  That's probably why you think that the AYFL was the most competitive on the 11 and under division.  If I was a betting man, I would put my money on the top four 11 and under teams (105lb) in the SFYFL (Lauderhill Lions, Miami Gardens Ravens, Pompano Cowboys, and Lauderdale Lakes) to beat Weston Warriors 110lb team.  Not to take nothing away from the Weston program, because they have a great group of coaches and kids and they play discipline football.  That #22 is a great player for Weston.
Comment by Steve Crawford on January 9, 2011 at 3:58pm
@Harry J. Frank, didn't see the scrimmage but I went back and forth between SFYFL and AYFL 11 under division though so I know both were strong divisions this year. Weston Warriors did scrimmage against Miami Gardens and even Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes 110's but both of those teams were 12 under so they should have won those scrimmages. If they scrimmaged the 100's/105's then that was the right matchup and if MG did what you said then they were just better at that time. Great leagues though either way.
Comment by Harry J. Frank on January 8, 2011 at 11:30pm

11-Under  AYFL????

SFYFL  Lauderhill Lions/MG Ravens/Pompano Cowboys/Lauderdale Lakes...The Ravens handled the Weston Warriors in a preseason scrimmage.  It wasn't pretty and was nothing to sing about (Singing Mom).




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