By Jonah Woullard

(January 5, 2012)-In 2011, Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network has filmed and aired over 132 various youth football games on NBC, and watched over 500 quarters of football, at every leagues’ championship games, allowing us to witness and evaluate some of the most dynamic youth football players which will go on to high school  in 2012 and make their immediate impact felt.

You’ve seen youth players make their first mark on the game right here on Generation Nexxt, such as; Miami Central’s running back/kick returner, Dalvin Cook, who won the 2010 Generation Nexxt Player of Year Award as a Miami Gardens Viking. Also, other players such as Westminster Christian’s Tim Irvin who played his youth football for the National Champions, the Richmond Giants who played head to head against Miami Central’s 2000 yard rusher, Joe Yearby as a Gwen Cherry Bull. You can still watch that exciting game on www.mygennexxt.com between Tim & Joe as they battled it out in the Sean Taylor Classic for the 2009 Super Bowl Trophy!

Those are just a few names of the players that were first seen on Generation Nexxt, but that list goes on and on. As your trusted source of youth sports, you’ve seen us on your sidelines all year, now we will break down by position some of the top high school prospects from the 2011 youth football season.


Kyle Hoolander 5’9” 143 LBS. (Deerfield Packer Rattlers 135’s-SFYFL) - Kyle is a natural leader. He has an extremely strong arm and can make plays by moving the chains with his legs as well. Great vision, sees the plays develop. Big arm, very athletic.

Kole Durks 5’10” 159 LBS. (Davie Broncos Unl.-AYFL) - Kole is a tall rangy quarterback with great vision. Stands tall in the pocket and can make all the throws. Kole has a true feel for the quarterback position, with great mechanics. Traditional pocket passer.

Maurice Alexander 5’9” 147 LBS. (Florida City Razorbacks 160’s-GMPW) – Maurice has been the field general for the Razorbacks’ offense, leading them to a National Championship with an outstanding performance from the quarterback position. Maurice is fundamentally sound, and a very accurate passer. Reads defenses well, disciplined with his throws, minimizes turnovers.

Steve Newbold 5’10” 149 LBS. (Miami Gardens Ravens 135’s-SFYFL) –Steve can walk on any team and start as a tailback, but happens to have an excellent arm with a crisp delivery. Steve approaches the game feeling he can score on every play with his Michael Vick like moves. Great vision, extremely athletic and has a natural feel for the game.   

Teddrick Moffett Jr. 5’9” 139 LBS (Deerfield Packer Rattlers 125’s-SFYFL) – Teddrick has Cam Newton-like abilities; the Rattlers refer to Teddrick as youth football’s superman. Teddrick can throw a bullet on the run, extends plays with his quick feet & down field vision, can pull the ball down and take it to the house from anywhere on the field. Great arm strength, very accurate and a dangerous open field runner.

Shawn Parker 5’ 10” 164 LBS. (Washington Park Buccaneers 175’s-NYFL) – Shawn is a dual threat to opposing defenses. Shawn can expose a defense’s weaknesses by either his slashing run style, or deep pass capability. Throws well on the run, keeps eyes down field to extend the play. Big play capabilities.

Tobias Moss 5’9” 148 LBS. (Palmetto Raiders Midg. 160’s-GMPW) – Tobias  is a very well coached; disciplined quarterback that takes what the defense gives him. Does not force the ball, makes great decisions. Strong leader on the field, very athletic, accurate intermediate passer.

Joshua King 5’8” 132 LBS. (Coral Gables Panthers 135’s-MXYL) – Joshua redefines the position of quarterback, similar to a smaller version of Tim Tebow. Joshua can keep his team close for 3 quarters and then make the winning plays by his “running back skill like” run game. Finds a way to win games.

Jaquan Bush 5’9” 147 LBS. (Lauderhill Lions 135’s-SFYFL) – Jaquan is a sound athlete at the quarterback position. Efficiently runs the offense, can check offense into correct play by reading the pre-snap reads. Very smart football player with a high football I.Q.

Kalyn Nelson 5’9” 133 LBS. (Pembroke Pines Bengals 135’s-AYFL) - Kalyn led the Bengals to the AYFL super bowl championship by possessing all the intangibles as a big time playmaker. What Kalyn lacks in size, he makes up for in his big play capability. Athletic, accurate passer that finds a way to make big plays. 

Johnny Johnson 5’10” 149 LBS. (Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes 135’s-SFYFL) – Johnny has the ability to extend plays because of his football awareness to feel the rush and the athletic ability to accurately deliver the ball while outside the pocket. Great football awareness, tough football player. 

Anthony Hasan 5’9” 132 LBS. (Kendall Kolts 135’s-MXYFL) – Anthony has a natural knack for finding his receivers by going through his progressions. Scans the field for his 2nd and 3rd option. He puts extreme pressure on defenses by utilizing multiple receivers. Processes the game at a fast pace.



Samuel Bruce 5’9” 148 LBS. (Lauderhill Lions 135’s -SFYFL) Sam has all the tools for a top flight tailback. Size, speed and power are part of Sam’s arsenal. Sam being related to NFL great, Isaac Bruce; shows off the family genes on a weekly basis. Runs strong in between the tackles, and possesses the speed to hit the edges.  Great athlete, runs down hill, complete football player.

Jarvis Johnson 5’8” 158 LBS. (Florida City Razorbacks Midg.-160’s-GMPW) Jarvis led his team to National Championship by his hard nose, but patient running style. Jarvis has great cutback ability, and catches well out the backfield. Gets stronger in the fourth quarter.

Mark Walton 5’9” 147 LBS. (Miami Gardens Vikings 135’s-SFYFL) Mark has a winning mentality. He is a true athlete that can dominate at several positions. As a running back he keeps his legs moving and moves the pile with authority. Bruising running style.

Deon Thompson 5’8” 151 LBS. (Tamarac Cougars Unl.-AYFL) Deon is an explosive running back that go the distance on just about any play. Deon has track like speed, and a football toughness that usually allows him to easily rack up the yards. Reaches top gear instantly.

Emmanuel Watson 5’ 8” 150 LBS. (Palmetto Raiders Midg. 160’s) Emmanuel epitomizes the definition of a hard worker. He is a throwback type of football player that gives his all on every down. Runs with authority and power and usually can’t be brought down with just arm tackles. Great lower center of gravity, runs with pads low, consistently breaks tackles.  

Che’Andre Archie 5’8” 144 LBS. (West Park Hurricanes 150’s –MXYFL) Che’Andre has one speed, and that’s full speed. Che’Andre possesses the ability to stop on a dime, and change direction while maintaining his speed. When he sees the play develop, he hits it full speed. Tough runner, great football speed, has great vision.  

Harvey Clayton Jr. 5’ 9” 138 LBS. (Kendall Hammocks Warriors 135’s –MXYFL) Harvey has been one of the most dominate running backs in his league. He is a power back with an elusiveness that allows him to dominate games. Great vision, great cut back ability, knows how to utilize his strength to break tackles, picks up the blitz in pass protection packages. Great football I.Q., high football awareness, strong  runner.

Khalil Roan 5’11” 172 LBS. (Pasadena Panthers Unl.-AYFL) Khalil is a big, physical back who possesses a north-south running style which compliments his blue collar approach to the game. He is an emotional leader on his team, has the ability to make team mates play up to his level of play. Has a nose for the end zone, plays to the whistle, tough player.

Robbie Robinson 5’ 10” 159 LBS. (Liberty City Warriors Midg. 160’s-GMPW) Robbie runs similar to a locomotive, his legs moving full speed every down. He possesses a great work ethic that gives him the ability to carry the ball 20-25 times a game while remaining productive on every carry. He looks to run you over rather than run around you. Good size, power runner, good acceleration.

Darren Williams 5’ 9” 146 LBS. (Kendall B & G Kolts 150’s-MXYFL) Darren is an extremely quick & elusive running back. Even with his quickness, he is a patient runner, letting his blocks develop before going full throttle. Darren is shifty runner which makes him dangerous open field situations. Great speed, very elusive, great change of direction.

Andrew Leacock 5’ 9” 151 LBS. (Plantation Wildcats Unl.-AYFL) Andrew has put up great numbers over his entire youth football career. A dependable, every down running back. An overall solid football player. Has the ability to gain yards after first contact. Strong straight ahead runner, good strength. 



Dionte Mullins 5’9” 144 LBS. (Florida City Razorbacks Midg. 160’s-GMPW) Dionte has been compared to NFL wideout, Larry Fitzgerald, because of his ability to catch the ball at its highest point. Dionte has all the tools for a top notch wide receiver; separation speed, crisp routes, and hands like glue. Athletic, fast, extremely focused.

Dredrick Snelson 6’0” 149 LBS. (Miami Gardens Ravens 135’s-SFYFL) Dredrick is the complete package when it comes to the traditional big receiver. An extreme playmaker, very athletic and has the ability to will the ball in his hands. Because of his size & speed, Dredrick demands double coverage to attempt to slow him down. Usually the best athlete on the field.

Tony Taylor 6’1” 150 LBS. (Pembroke Pines Bengals Unl.-AYFL) Tony possesses tremendous speed that allows him to get behind defenses with ease. Also executes jail break screens and reverses with the vision and skill set of a running back. His length allows him to out jump defenders for those time to time jump balls. Skills translate to varsity, year one.

Christopher McWilliams 5’9” 132 LBS. (Kendall Hammocks Warriors 135’s-MXYFL) – Christopher is a multi-dimensional wide receiver that can run all the routes. Chris can play all three wide out positions, also catches out the back field, making it very difficult for defenses to match up with him. Disciplined, deceptive speed and great hand to eye coordination.   

Kendrick Janvier 5’10” 145 LBS. (Lake Stevens Cardinals 145’s-NYFL) – Kendrick is a dynamic punt/kick returner as well as one of the top wide receivers. Understands the receiver position. Runs tight routes, fights for the ball, gives his quarterback a big target and takes pride in the small things to make him a complete receiver.

Alton Jordon 5’9” 133 LBS. (Deerfield Packer Rattlers 120’s- SFYFL)- Alton is one of the most exciting wide receivers to watch. Alton can turn a simple slant or hitch to an 80 yard touchdown in the blink of an eye. Great hands, outstanding speed and has the knack for yards after catch. Speed, Speed and more speed.

Calvin Ridley 5’10” 149 LBS. (Pembroke Pines Bengals Unl.-AYFL) Calvin plays years above his age. A mature wide receiver with ability read the soft spots in defenses. Understands the angles in route running, possesses great speed and easily beats press coverage. Tough wide receiver which can take it the distance on any given play.  Goes after the ball, great eye to hand coordination, great speed.

Dartavius Thomas 6’2” 171 LBS. (Florida City Razorbacks Midg. 160’s-GMPW) Dartavius has the physical build of a prototype NFL wide receiver. Has a great stride, and uses his size to shield the ball on big catches. Especially dangerous after the catch, Dartavius is looking to score on every single play. Fast, athletic, great hands and plays physical.

Brandon Johnson 5’10” 136 LBS. (Pembroke Pines Bengals 135’s-AYFL) Brandon is a smooth route running receiver, similar to Jerry Rice. He has deceptive speed that can get him deeper than the deepest man on most defenses. Very quick off the line of scrimmage, transitions well to his top speed. Will fight for the ball once it’s in the air, good size and excellent hands.

Devon Bell 5’10” 168” LBS. (Washington Park Buccaneers 175’s-NYFL) Devon is a “big play wide receiver that uses his speed to set up his plays. Devon recognizes coverages and adjusts his routes to give his quarterback the best possible target. Quick feet, great run blocker, excels in one on one match ups.



Amir Rasul 5’11” 171 LBS. (Palmetto Raiders Midg. 160’s-GMPW) Amir is one of the fastest youth football players in the country. As a defensive end, he is a nightmare match up coming off the edge. Amir also plays tailback because of his outstanding speed, but his strength and size gives him an advantage over just about any offensive tackle on his age level. Extremely fast, disciplined in his rush lanes, uses his size to dominate the edges.

Timothy Phillips 6’0” 255 LBS. (Pembroke Pines Bengals Unl.-AYFL) Timothy plays both offensive guard and tackle. Possesses the strength to play guard, with a strong run blocking technique. Tim also has the athleticism to play tackle, great footwork.  Great size, quick feet, great work ethic.

Jordan Senner 6’2” 240 LBS. (Coral Springs Chargers Unl.-AYFL) Jordan is one of the top centers in youth football. Captain of the O-line, he’s responsible for calling out the protection packages every play. Quick off the ball, gets great leverage, displays the ability to get the second level to block the linebackers. Smart football player, very athletic.

Terry Gilford 6’0” 167 LBS. (N.W. Boys & Girls Falcons Midg.-GMPW) Terry plays the defensive end position with a tenacity that has propelled him to be recognized as one of the top linemen in youth football. Strong against the run and gets after the quarterback on the pass rush. Gets off blocks quickly, plays a great 3 technique, displays great upper body strength.

Kenny Donaldson 5’10” 151 LBS. (Miami Gardens Vikings 135’s-SFYFL) as a defensive end, Kenny has a motor that will not stop. Kenny has great hands that keeps offensive linemen blocks off of him. He has true nose for the football that averages him 8 tackles a game. Aggressive, athletic and keeps containment.

Liam Lorie 5’9” 137 LBS. (Kendall Boys & Girls Kolts 135’s-MXYFL) as an offensive guard, Liam stands out with his athleticism as a strong pulling guard. Fires hard off the football with great balance. Great technique of controlling his opponents’ movement. Very quick, fundamentally sound and a consistent run blocker.

Kris Moreira 5’10” 172 LBS. (Palmetto Raiders Midg. 160’s-GMPW) Kris is one of the most quick-footed, nibble offensive tackles in youth football. Kris displayed his athleticism, scoring on a tackle eligible play in this year’s super bowl in double overtime. Great down field blocker, quick off the ball, very athletic.

Nathan Horstein 6’0” 230 LBS. (West Pembroke Pines Wildcats Unl.-AYFL) as an offensive lineman, Nathan has demonstrated he is a solid left tackle. Very athletic, great drop steps in his pass protection. Good size and very rangy which allows his hands to get inside his opponents pads. Very solid football player.

Adam Mattison 5’10” 155 LBS. (Miami Gardens Vikings 135’s-SFYFL) Adam is a defensive end with all the moves. Adam has perfected the rip & bull rush move that usually overwhelms his opponents. With good size, speed and great leverage he can easily shed blockers. Very alert to formations, understands how to beat the tackle-tight end double team. Quick to the ball, elite pass rusher.

Patrick Smith 5’ 10” 170 LBS. (Florida City Razorbacks Midg. 160’s-GMPW) Patrick is one of the elite defensive tackles in Pop Warner. Has the strength to spilt the double team, the quickness to pursue the ball sideline to sideline, and the technique to clog both the A & the B gaps simultaneously. Smart, hard worker, and plays to the whistle.



Bradley Clement 5’11” 173 LBS. (Tamarac Cougars Unl.-AYFL) Bradley is the real deal at middle linebacker. Reads his keys to the plays like no other. Once he has located the football, it is only seconds until he lays a hat on the ball carrier. Hard hitter, fills the gaps, strong run stopper, excellent in pass coverage.

Mellick Jackson  5’10” 162 LBS. (Miami Gardens Vikings 165’s.- SFYFL) Mellick plays all three linebacker positions. Extremely athletic and an aggressive style of play. Looks for hard contact early in the game to set the tone. Quick, not easily blocked, plays hard all four quarters.

Winton Moron 5’10” 165 LBS. (Gwen Cherry Bulls Midg. 160’s – GMPW) As middle linebacker, Winton is the quarterback of his defense. He has high football I.Q. which allows him to recognize various formations and check into the correct defense. Excellent open field tackler, great pass defender, one of the fastest players on his team.  

Robert William 5’9” 151 LBS. (Deerfield Packer Rattlers 135’s – SFYFL) Robert is a solid middle linebacker that leads by example. Averaging 9 solo tackles a game, he dissects a play from the snap of the ball and makes sure handed tackles. Takes great angles to the ball, sheds blocks with consistency, excellent rusher on blitzes.

Ruben Gonzalez 5’9” 149 LBS. (Lake Stevens Cardinals 145’s-NYFL) Ruben plays linebacker with a chip on his shoulder. Plays the game with high intensity and laser focus which allows him to average 10 solo tackles a game, and 4 interceptions on the year. Hardnosed player, makes good reads, makes tons of tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

Malik Jones 5’10” 152 LBS. (Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes 135’s-SFYFL) Malik is an extremely talented linebacker that plays every down like it’s his last. A relentless pursuit to the ball, the speed to run down plays from sideline to sideline, and the strength to take on lead blockers and make the tackle.  Great speed, great football instincts.

Alex Anderson 5’10” 169 LBS. (Miami Gardens Vikings 165’s-SFYFL) Alex led the Vikings in tackles this year, spear heading one of the top defensive units in youth football. Alex was a big part of this Vikings stout defense yielding only 3 touchdowns on the season. Alex plays the run like no other. Takes great angles to the ball, ultimate run stopper, punishing tackler.

D’Cean Garcia-Silas 5’11” 153 LBS. (Lauderhill Lions 135’s – SFYFL) D’Cean’s speed and size allows him to match up well against slot receivers, and running backs out of the back field. Possesses great strength to contain the run and cornerback skills to shut down tight ends. Versatile, agile, can play multiple defensive positions.

Shaddrick Lowery Jr. 5’9” 143 LBS. (Dania Beach Bears 150’s-MXYFL) In the city of Dania, Shaddrick is known as “The Hit Man” because of his tackling style of play. This is a middle linebacker that will come up and hit with every fiber of his body. He plays the game with a controlled rage, and flies to the ball. Athletic, tremendous speed, big hitter.

Donavan Thompson 5’ 10” 171 LBS. (Northside Panthers 165’s – SFYFL) Very aggressive linebacker that knows his way around the football field. Complete linebacker skill set that allows him to dominate games. Reads plays extremely well, wraps up on tackles, not easily fooled play action or reverses. Tough against the run, runs through blocks, great make up speed.



John Ramos 5’ 9” 156 LBS. (West Park Hurricanes 150’s – MXYFL) John plays the safety position similar to an Ed Reed of the NFL. He has a nose for the ball and has perfected the art of reading the quarterback’s eyes and telegraphing the throws. Once John picks the ball, he looks to score on the pick-6. Instinctive, smart player, game changer.

D’Andre Clayton 5’8” 149 LBS. (Overtown  Rattlers Midg. 160’s – GMPW) Outstanding cornerback that excels in press coverage. His aggressive style of play is complimented by his athleticism allowing him go toe to toe with the best receivers. Great cover corner, very athletic, good technique.

Chris Cotto 5’9” 141 LBS. (Pembroke Pines Bengals 135’s – AYFL) Plays the free safety position like a pro. Reads formations and rotates the coverages to the strength of the opponent’s offense. Breaks well on the ball, great speed, solid open field tackler.

Tayhib Toussaint 5’8” 143 LBS. (Dania Beach Bears 150’s – MXYFL) One of the top cornerbacks in youth football, led his team with 6 interceptions. Fundamentally sound, Tayhib philosophy is to attack the receiver at the line of scrimmage and disrupt the timing of pass plays. Tayhib has great recovery speed, and jumps routes well.

Jarquez Paytee 5’ 9” 150 LBS. (Gwen Cherry Bulls Midg. – GMPW) Physical coverman. At cornerback Jarquez plays right on the hip of the receiver. Very good at route recognition and great at run support. Uses his strength to manipulate receivers’ routes. Great strength, great tackler, doesn’t allow receivers any separation.

John Floyd 5’9” 146 LBS. (Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes 135’s – SFYFL) John is a disciplined cornerback that can play both cover 1 and cover 2 techniques very well. Great use of hands to prevent wide receivers to get a clean release off the line of scrimmage. Back pedals and opens up to well to cover down field. Excellent pass defender, great footwork, good technique.

Ryan Williams 5’9” 141 LBS. (Coopercity Cowboys 135’s – AYFL) Ryan led the Cowboys in interceptions. Finishing the year with 63 solo tackles, 4 interceptions, as a defensive back, Ryan is truly the anchor of his team’s defense. Ryan also playing tailback, gives him that natural feel to read the plays as they develop. Quick feet, great football awareness, hard worker.

Arkeem Chatfield 5’10” 150 LBS. (N.W. Boys Club Falcons Midg. 160’s – GMPW) Arkeem is a hard hitting strong safety that tackles like a linebacker, with the skill set of a cornerback. Excelling in both pass coverage and run support Arkeem is definitely an elite strong safety. He is decisive when he recognizes run, makes a b-line to the ball carrier, always a sure handed tackler.

Elliex Davis 5’ 10” 148 LBS. (Deerfield Packer Rattlers 135’s – SFYFL) Elliex is an “In your face” type of cornerback. Elliex plays with a certain swag and confidence that has him playing on a high level every week. He challenges the receiver to get off the line of scrimmage the entire game. Plays the run strong, great press coverage technique, great balance.

Vaquan Small 5’ 8” 147 LBS. (Overtown Rattlers Midg. 160’s – GMPW) Vaquan is an extremely quick cornerback. Uses his speed to blanket would be receivers. Vaquan also comes up to run support in a hurry. Contains well on sweeps, and locks down the 9 route. Smart football player, utilizes his quickness to his advantage.




Devonte Cole 5’10” 149 LBS. (Coral Springs Chargers Unl. – AYFL) Very accurate kicker, with a career long, 34-yard field goal. Points after touchdowns are automatic with Devonte’s consistency. Devonte, has a great kick approach, follows through kicks with power.  

Corey Pastor 5’8” 134 LBS. (Kendall Hammocks Warriors 135’s – MXYFL) Corey is a complete athlete that uses his athletic ability to excel at multiple positions on the field. As a kicker his laser focus and strong leg allows him to nail field goal after field goal. Fundamentally sound, his delivery is crisp, extremely accurate.  Hard worker, team player.

Jacob Carrio 5’9’ 136 LBS. (Pasadena Panthers 135’s-AYFL) One of the leading scorers at the Pasadena program, Jacob is a high percentage field goal kicker. Can kick from both hashes of the field, and has great directional control of his kicks. Strong leg, can kick into the wind with solid technique.  


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Comment by BROADSTREET BULLY AKA Dee. Green on January 16, 2012 at 11:12am
@Soca456 Yeah I know he has a tuff upbringing I know him and his older brother Tre. He was Overtown before he went back to Northside 165. I hope he gets it right and go to High School and do his thang. He's a kid that needs a mentor, Someone 2 give him that extra push and show him the way. Cause he's not a bad kid.
Comment by soca456 on January 15, 2012 at 7:02pm
Broadstreet Bully you're right DUKE is a future star in the right situation. Kid had a tuff upbringing so I would love to see this kid succeed. Don't know what HS he's going to end up at but wherever he goes look out. Like BB said Percy Harvin with the ball in his hands!
Comment by BROADSTREET BULLY AKA Dee. Green on January 15, 2012 at 10:03am

Man what a great list ! You guys really did your homework. You left the kid Duke 1# from Northside off the list. I compare him to Percy Harvin he is a game changer rather he's at Receiver or Rb or Kick offs and Punt returns. I put him up there with Mullins. They way he showed up Vs SLV 165's. That kid is special especially with the ball in his hands.




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