Youth Football Chronicles with Josh Martin : FYFL Pee Wee Jamboree


On August 3rd 2014 Mills Pond Park Played Host to the FYFL’s Pee Wee Jamboree featuring the youngest divisions of play. Super Pee Wee, 7 & under,  and  8 & under. It was a delight to see how many teams came out ready to compete in the organized scrimmages.

Despite the heavy rain & lightning delay early into the event, the weather held up enough to allow for a very suitable football environment for players and spectators. Scores where not officially kept for the games, but the sidelines, and coaches monitored the scores very well. Each competing team was allowed to play 2 games.

                                              The Rundown!!

Although these where the leagues youngest players, Some big talent was on display.  Games where short, sweet, but allowed both teams to get in a great amount of practice, with enough time for a winner to present themselves. There where top performances all over the fields Generation Nexxt was in the house to recognize a few teams, and players for their accomplishments:

Super Pee Wee Division

Play of the Day: FTL Hurricanes Caleb Williams Broke through the line of scrimmage, hit the sidelines, and we was off to a beautiful touchdown run. 

Team of the Day: MG Cowboys looking like the Bunche Park of old, they dominated teams on offense and defense 

Most dominating offensive Performance: Kywon Phillips MG Cowboys just a stand above all type of player he did an amazing job on defense but his offensive highlights is what had spectators on the edge of the seat.

Most dominating Defensive Performance: Elijah Davis Washington Park Buccaneers, this kid was all over the place seemingly on every tackle, even almost had an interception, and at this level that kind of ball hawking is amazing.

Best Looking Team: Brownsville Seahawks dressed to impress the kids and coaches looked the part swagged out and very uniform as a squad.

Coaching staff of the Day: Carol City Chiefs won both of there games, coaches did an amazing job of having all the kids aligned correctly and coached the entire game from the sidelines.




7 & Under Division

Player of the Day: Elijah Hardy Carol City 7U, dominated on both sides of the ball, demonstrated, speed, vision, high football IQ, and built Ford tough. 

Team of the Day: Carol City Chiefs 7U left every match up knowingly on top and boasted in dramatic fashion, there are some 8U teams that would have a difficult time matching up with them.

Most Dominating Offensive Performance: Jaden James Lauderdale Lakes Vikings RB

Most Dominating Defensive Performance:  Carol City Chiefs, Bam Bam and Baby Sapp, dominated the defensive line of scrimmage and created chaos in the backfield. The Chiefs showed controlled aggressiveness effectively not missing many open field tackles. Very sound defense.

Best Looking Team: East Miramar dolphins had a very big team but that made their dress more dynamic because they came game ready and their team moms and coaches were swagged out in dolphins gear.

Coaching staff of the Day: Deerfield Packer rattlers & port st Lucie saints


                                              8 & Under Division

Play of the Day: Interception return For a defensive touchdown by Alonzo Carter of the Washington Park Buc's

Team of the Day: MG Bulldogs 8U, the returning state champs really showed us why they are the 2013 Superbowl and State champs. They played tough all day and stifled teams with their defense.

Most Dominating Offensive Performance: Isaiah Mckenny of Carol City Chiefs put on an astonishing performance the entire day be looking for him to make a tremendous impact this season.

Most Dominating Defensive Performance: Washington Park Buccaneer’s 8U entire Defense dominated not giving up a single touchdown, playing against two of the top 8U teams in the league, Northwest Broward and MG Bulldogs. The Bucs hung their hats on Taaj Paul Aka Lunchbox, Ennio Yapoor at Defensive end, and DB’s Alonzo Carter & Brian Davis

Best Looking Team: Northside Panthers came in there Blues and taught everyone a lesson dress to impress they looked Sharp.

Coaching Staff of the Day: Ft Lauderdale Hurricanes the way they spoke and coached the players on the field was the epitome of how a team should be coached. We could have made a coaching instructional video, using this staff alone. The assistant coaches and parents should also be acknowledged for keeping  players with smiles before and after the games. Not to mention they are a very talented team, with some talented Players.

Notable Performers (other than listed above)

Caleb Williams - FTL hurricanes , Amari Thomas- Dania Bears, Antonio Lane -Dania Bears, Jeremy Daniels - Deerfield, Jamarcus Pierre- Deerfield, Natron Wheeler - Brownsville Seahawks, Cedric Wise - Lauderdale Lakes Vikings, Jaylin Thanis - MG Bulldogs, and Demetrius Jones - Northside.



                                                   Game Of the Day:

The talented Washington Park Buccaneers took on the All-Star guild, also known as the Carol City Chiefs 7U. This scrimmage would live up to the hype. A battle for preseason rankings and bragging rights, created a setting for an epic season finale featuring these two programs.

From the start it was evident that the defensive front of the Chiefs was going to be too much to handle. As the Chiefs found themselves in the backfield creating a fumble in the first few plays.

Offensively, the Chiefs running back, Elijah Hardy took control of the ball early and reminded us; although he is young he demands attention and undoubtedly one of the best ball carriers on the youth level.  After a few good carries Elijiah Hardy took advantage of his great offensive line play and ran right up the gut if the Bucs' defense, putting up six for Carol City on the board quickly.

A very tough drive from the Bucs came on their next possession, as the Bucs showed they can move the ball on the Chiefs. The Chiefs knuckled up and held the Bucs out of the end zone.The next Chiefs drive ended abruptly as a big penalty effective brought the drive to a halt.

A key injury killed the Bucs' incurring drive and placed the momentum in the hands of the Chiefs who took that momentum and turned it into six touchdown on a beautiful QB keeper from J Rock who got around the edge and made a couple of defenders miss as he strolled down the hash.

The following drive from the Bucs was must score situation, so they attempted to dig into the playbook a bit, but came out with nothing as the Chiefs' defense road that momentum horse.

As the drive ended it was apparent that tensions were too high to continue as the referees called both teams to the center of the field to calm things down, but that only made it worse as the teams started to taunt one another at center field, chanting, and playing the dozens, coaches and fans even got into the fun and cheered.

The Refs called the scrimmage anticipating things getting worse,  but faces turned from frowns to smiles, and handshakes all around. It was clearly all love between these two powerhouses as they closed the game showing much respect for one another and mutual anticipation for the season that is about to unfold.

I caught up with coach Bald Head of the Buc’s, and he told me, “This is what this game was all about, getting better, seeing what we need to work on, and setting the stage for a dramatic finish.” I was reminded  that, the Chiefs won the battle but the war is far from over, as coach Bald Head turned to walk away and on his shirt read, "WAR READY!!!"

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