Youth Football Chronicles with Josh Martin: Miramar Wolverines 85lbs "Gennexxt First Look"


                                Team Spotlight

Miramar Wolverines are likely the best 85’lbs team in the American Youth Football League (AYFL). They haven’t come up with a nickname for themselves yet,  but who needs a nickname when you perform this well. The Wolverines have exceptional football players at just about every position, you couldn’t script a more complete team, and a top tier coaching staff to perfectly bring this group together, its pure poetry.

Wolverines play fast on offense, every man flows to the ball with fearlessness on defense, and they get after it every play. I was pleased with the discipline they showed on the field players listened intently, and executed. The coaches are another bright spot, Coach Chop is an exceptional teacher, and his approach to the game is admirable.

The coaching staff put a lot of emphasis on learning and teaching the game of football. Coach Chop expressed his concern with Generation Nexxt, giving youth football players that type of limelight, because then they (the players) start to think of themselves as larger than the game, and in turn doing it for the wrong reasons.

Coach also voiced his concern with tackling coaching tactics, and how tackling drills are not a part of his coaching methods. He is teaching tackling theory and tackling technique in a very slow paced learning atmosphere “Nobody learns going full speed, especially children, you have to slow it down and teach them, live practice, preseason games and scrimmages is when they can get full speed experience.”

That statement summed up his coaching style, and made it abundantly clear that this team has success written all over it. Coach was adamant about not spot lighting any one player, but that would be a tough task regardless because they have atleast 10 players that would be impact players on any other team.


                             Scrimmage assessment vs Washington Park Buccaneers (FYFL 8U) 2014

On Defense

Miramar showed very sound box play as they bottle up ball carriers and finished plays inside the box. When the quarterback dropped back to pass he paid the price as they consistently beat the offensive pass protection to fluster Ennio Yapoor (Buccaneers 8U Quarterback). Even when able to get the pass off the defensive backs for the Wolverines harassed the Bucs receivers and stayed on top of routes. The Wolverines defensive backfield play is really impressive, the way they come up and make tackles once they recognize the run. The line backers where like missiles to the ball, shedding blocks and keeping plays in front of them.

On Offense

The Wolverines Looked like a well-oiled machine, they took the ball, on the first play they went for six with some tough running. If you thought that was a fluke, because this is the Buccaneer's defense that stole the show at the 2014 FYFL Jamboree, think again. Miramar took the ball on the next couple of plays and gave us a sneak peak of the arsenal of talented ball carriers, as they moved the ball with ease and saw the end zone a couple of more times.

Coach Chop has a very deep and talented backfield the boys run extremely hard their legs are always churning for those extra inches, making every back difficult to bring down. Their passing game isn’t as intimidating, but still very effective, there receivers showed impressive quickness, and great route running. 

The this newly assembled team would kick off their season opener in Coconut Creek against the Eagles. The Wolverines won in convincing style, 35-0. Demonstrating their dominance on defense pitching a shut out, and they high scoring offense punching it in for 35 points. If this team stays healthy, the Wolverines' Pee Wees will definitely be one the teams to beat in the AYFL. 

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Check out the Offensive Highlights

Comment by Joshua Martin on August 18, 2014 at 9:25am

Check out the  Defensive Highlights below




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