By Hector Gonzalez

WPPO Wildcats 140’s vs Lauderdale Lakes Vikings 135’s

North Miami-  The 2012 Generation Nexxt/Airo Athletics Youth Football Classic featured the WPPO Wildcats (140lbs), and Lauderdale Lakes Vikings (135lbs) bringing their stingy-defenses in the ninth game with the end results a 0-0 tie Sunday afternoon at FIU stadium.

 During the first quarter the Vikings' #22 started the game off with a 10-yard run that was called back due to a holding penalty -- three plays later punting it away to WPPO. They would later gain momentum in the second half of the game as # 6 burst for a 25-yard run, but with the drive stalling, and no offensive points. The Wildcats had similar problems, struggling to produce any type of drive to draw near the red zone. But their defense put pressure on Lauderdale's quarterback, and gave the offense another opportunity to secure some points, but as time winded down, the scoreboard remained the same.

 WPPOs' Head Coach Pearson Sutton, however, was still optimistic about his club's showing during the exhibition. “Despite the scoreboard, our team did well and played solid on defense, but we have to fix up the passing game a little bit. Overall I'm satisfied."


Northeast Rebels vs. Washington Park Buccaneers

 The Northeast Rebels' (105lbs) weren't about to allow a no show by the Miami Gardens Vikings' (105lbs), and a 2:00 minute delay from letting them get their piece of the action. The Rebels was just focused on anything or anyone who wasn’t in a North East uniform.

Washington Park Buccaneers (115lbs) – stepped right in for the Vikings to play some good ole fashion pre-season football.   

During the first part of the game, the Rebels offense was efficient, led by big time play maker, #5 Jaylin Collins who ran up the sideline for a 65-yard touchdown run.

 #21 Jacari Ponder a Plantation transfer, would later add to the Generation Nexxt highlight reel with a 55-yard score to make it 13-0. #17 Marseille Jackson added the extra point.

The Buccaneers' showed great effort, but were unable to stop Northeast's strong running game featuring a three headed monster with multiple running backs, resulting in wide open lanes for the Rebels' running game.

The Rebels’ #3 Keyon Todd showed his instant change of speed as he froze the outside linebacker on the edge with his stop and go, then sprinted down the sidelines for a 27-yard dagger score.  The Rebels converted the extra point which put the game out of reach for the Buccaneers.

Rebels’ Head Coach Dread said, “This is Rebels football. We come out to smash mouth football, nothing fancy, just hard work.”

In the end a jubilant Northeast squad shouted, “Everybody gets hit!"

North East Rebels-19,  Washington Park Buccaneers 0



West Park Hurricanes 90’s vs Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes 90’s

 It was the one of the most anticipated matches of the day as the West Park Hurricanes (90lbs) faced off against their rival the Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes (90lbs). In the end the squad in the black and green uniforms -- Ft. Lauderdale -- came up with the 6-0 victory.

 Ft. Lauderdale's Head Coach Jamal proclaimed his squad as the real Hurricanes after earning the hard fought win. His tailback #1 Antonio Spencer certainly proved for the moment his theory right, with a blazing 45-yard touchdown run, the game winning score.

The Ft. Lauderdale defense constantly put pressure on the West Park offense the entire afternoon, pinning them backwards at times, tackle for losses and holding them scoreless in the scrimmage. At times West Park would show flashes of their big play capability, as one of football’s most dangerous skilled position players, Keshawn Brown, would be one tackle away for breaking a big run.

“There was a lot of hype coming up to this game. Hats off to West Park they came out to play, but we wanted to make a statement, and show them who the real hurricanes were." Lauderdale's head coach Jamal said.

 West Park caught a break after a 65-yard touchdown by Ft. Lauderdale's #5 Travois Wilkerson was called back for an offside penalty. Their defense would then force a three-and-out to give them another chance. With little time left in the game, West Park's #10 Anthony Johnson -- limping onto the field -- made a courageous attempt in efforts to bring his team back. In his first throw since the injury, he almost perfected a bomb to his speedy wide receiver #3 Keyshawn Brown who slipped behind the defense; however the ball was slightly over thrown, pass incomplete.

Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes-6,  West Park Hurricanes-0


Deerfield Packer Rattlers 155 vs Miami Garden Vikings 155

 As the sun came down on the Sunday's -- Generation Nexxt/ Airo Athletics Youth Football Classic kickoff - it setup an epic matchup between the Deerfield Packer Rattlers (155lbs) against the Miami Gardens Vikings (155lbs). It turned out to be a rout by the Rattlers who defeated the Vikings 25-0 at FIU stadium.

“Basically my kids, and offensive coordinator Jerrod did a good job putting up plays they couldn't stop," coach Alex said. “We relied on our defense making stops, and our offense executing, once we noticed the other team can't stop our plays - we would ran it down their throats until they do."

Those plays he referred to were a 40-yard sprint for a score by #6 GG Evans during the early period of the first half. The Vikings' attempted to respond with a play of their own after their quarterback #1 threw a potential touchdown pass to # 5, but it was negated because of an offensive pass interference penalty. Miami Gardens' chances of tying up the game took a blow after a costly turnover as Deerfield's #44 Jimmy Harper jarred the ball loose with a sack, and teammate #8 Javaris Burton scooping it up, and running it 30-yards into the end zone for a 13-0 lead.

With 4:02 remaining the Rattlers were not finished. #1 took off on a 15-yard run for a touchdown closing any gaps between them and the Vikings, as if that wasn't enough, and time winding down, #5 Jeremy intercepted a Miami Gardens pass, and ran it all the way back for the game's final score.

Deerfield Packer Rattlers 25 , Miami Gardens Vikings 0

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